Putting the focus on people, promoting team responsibility and autonomy, minimizing risks, and facilitating decision-making while improving the customer experience are benefits of an Agile culture.

Having the ability to get the upper hand in an ever-changing business environment regarding new trends in technology is one of the main objectives that companies are pursuing and will pursue in the coming years to gain competitiveness and strengthen their position in the market. In this increasingly dynamic world, it is necessary to have flexible methodologies, such as Agile Methodologies, that adapt quickly to the changes of the moment. However, they are not enough to achieve the objectives; it is necessary to train leaders capable of managing this change in organizational culture. Let’s break down seven benefits obtained by implementing Agile Methodology

  1. Focus on people. Many companies give more importance to processes and tools than to people themselves. However, having motivated employees in a suitable environment and feeling supported often brings better results.
  2. Encourages responsibility within the team and increases autonomy and transparency. Collaborative work, fluency in team communication, and the equal participation of all parties towards a common, clear, and concise goal help teams be more efficient and autonomous. In addition to that, it gives companies the chance to put their spin on concepts. At Mahisoft, we promote Responsible Freedom -the ability to organize your work and personal time- front and center.
  3. Allows to better size the projects minimizing the risks. Continuous reviews allow adaptation to changes more efficiently, avoiding surprises for both the team and the client regarding delivery times and costs.
  4. Facilitates prioritization and decision-making. As all the people are involved with a constant work rhythm and hierarchies are avoided, the operation is faster, maximizing efficiency and optimization results.
  5. Improves the customer experience. Thanks to a more collaborative and close communication model, where the client is part of the team, one can implement a fast and precise feedback model and, in consequence, achieve time savings and higher customer satisfaction levels.
  6. Delivery of products and services in intervals with rapid response to change. The implementation of Agile as a methodology provides a flexible structure that allows different versions to be delivered quickly.
  7. Increases the added value and the predictability of the results. This working model and closeness to the client allow for greater knowledge of the client, providing differential value and avoiding deviations from the Plan.

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