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Work with you

Management of Nearshore Staff Augmentation. Flexible with no-term commitments.

Customized solutions

We assist anybody, regardless of the business or industry you work in, offering a customized solution.

Fast Real Results

Our development progress is agile and iterative with progress demonstrations every 2 weeks.

Our Services

Managed Nearshore Staff Augmentation

our professionals - your management

and software development process

let us know your resource requirements

present only highly qualified candidates

review, interview, approve candidates

house your dedicated staff in our facilities

integrate staff into your teams




Software Development Professional Service

our professionals - our management

and software development process



Discovery and solution design

Solution goals, requirements, and design



Plan a solution development

Scope, effort estimation, and price range included



We host and support your solution



Agile Iterative Software development process

Progress demonstrations every 2 weeks

Our Development Process

Development Process We've used our experience in development to fine tune the software development process, ensuring it's as streamlined as possible while still being flexible. At its heart it is simple.

Why This Works Better The traditional "waterfall" approach to development many off-shore companies use is time-consuming, inflexible, and yields few if any real results early on. You could spend months or even years just laying groundwork and brainstorming without ever seeing a workable product. The Mahisoft method works better because you start receiving software as early as the end of the first cycle. By strategically planning the development cycles, it's easy to stop work at the end of one cycle and pick it up again further down the road. This process can go on for any length of time, changing and evolving as your needs do, but always delivering functional, useful software at the end of each cycle.

Our Company

Our Philosophy

Radical Truth, Radical Transparency in everything we do!

In Mahisoft we encouraged a culture where people know it is important to challenge one another’s views, regardless of rank, and do so regularly. We want people to discuss ideas and issues openly, even if that involves publicly pointing out each other’s mistakes, always respecting each other and always with the goal of finding a solution.

Our Values

  • Excellence
  • Collaboration
  • Passionate about technology
  • Enjoy the journey

Our Principles

  • Respect
  • Professionalism
  • Responsible freedom

Our Team


Oriented to Excellence

In Mahisoft, people are over rules and processes. We have great people working together, we have a high-performance team and we are proud of it! And for Mahisoft it is always a pleasure to extend a cheerful welcome to a new Talent

What do we encourage in our people?

  • To have more open conversations where people challenge one another in search of the right solution, rather than to prove themselves right.
  • Do not talk behind anyone's back. Always tell us things in front.
  • To build meaningful work and meaningful relationships with the people we work with.
  • To take care and support each other.
  • To challenge others.
  • To collaborate with each other.
  • To openly admit our mistakes.
  • To document errors not to make them again.
  • To tell the truth about the problems or issues identified and to talk about them at the moment and always face to face.
  • To innovate.
  • To be curious.
  • To share knowledge and information.

Our Latest Projects

Empowering nonprofit fundraisers with cutting edge technology to connect donors with their work in the field. Provide real-time, segmented and targeted content to your supporters in a simple, fundraising environment.

iOS, Android, and Web App

Complete business workflow system for scheduling and managing remote workers. An application used specifically by 200+ Beauty Ambassadors, servicing over 2000 retail locations across the United States and Canada.

iOS, Android, and Web App.

A complete financial planning solution. Is a financial tracking software that help you to find out if your expectations for the future are correct and make financial decisions based on data-based projections, not emotions.

Web App

Connect helps you capture everything you want to do in the real world — and then do it with friends. Whether it's places you want to go, people you want to see, or activities you're interested in, Connect keeps all your social ideas organized.

iOS and Android.

Technologies and Capabilities