Software Engineering Intern

FullTime | Intern | Bachelor's degree


We are in search of talented young individuals who master the art of coding! If you are a systems engineering student searching for exciting adventures, you've come to the right place! Join our fantastic software development team and prepare for a rollercoaster of learning and fun. You'll be part of mind-blowing projects and work hand in hand with experts in the world of software development.

Your epic missions:

  • Collaborate in software application design, development, and testing like a code superhero!
  • Assist in coding, debugging, and problem-solving to keep the software always in its best form, like a challenge master!
  • Participate in code review sessions to learn from the greats and polish your skills like a true development ninja.
  • Bring brilliant ideas to take functionality and user experience to stratospheric levels, like an inventor of incredible inventions!
  • Work as a team with colleagues of different skills and accomplish epic missions to achieve project goals, like a real team of superheroes!

The requirements to join our league of super students:

  • Be a Software Engineering student or possess a related superpower.
  • Basic knowledge of programming languages like Java, C++, Python, or JavaScript. Choose your weapon!
  • Have problem-solving skills faster than Flash and communication as effective as Iron Man's.
  • Passion for learning and an activated curiosity spirit, like a mad scientist searching for the next big idea!

Attention! This is an internship opportunity worthy of a comic book. We will provide training and unique experiences to turn you into a software development superhero. Please send us your resume reflecting your most heroic side and past exploits in the software world! Join our team and leave your mark on the code universe! Adventure awaits!

Tech Skills

  • Java
  • Python
  • C++
  • JavaScript


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