Having a carefully structured development process is what helps us ensure success.

Software development is a long and arduous process that can take far longer than necessary when the proper approach is not taken. We’ve used our experience in development to fine tune the process of development, ensuring it’s as streamlined as possible. We call it the agile approach.

Mahisoft’s flexible software development process means quicker results and easier budgeting for your software needs. Reach out to us at (855) 624-4763 or info@mahisoft.com to learn more about it.

We’ve strategically built our development process to work through the project systematically, developing a plan of action and following that plan through to completion. Our development process is as follows:

  • Project Beginnings – The Discovery Phase – At the beginning of every project we sit down with all of the stakeholders to get an understanding of their issues and requirements for the solution. Together we establish a high-level solution that is then broken down into delivery milestones organized by priority so we are able to deliver what is most important first. Effort and associated cost estimates for each milestone are estimated at the BEGINNING to avoid costly surprises down the road.
  • The Delivery Phase -– We break the development of the solution up into 2-4 week cycles, with a project consisting of as many cycles as necessary. Each cycle is focused on a specific priority, and each delivers a workable, fully tested, software solution in the end.
  • The End of One Cycle and Beginning of the Next – We review the completed cycle with the customer and what we accomplished and determine if we need to make any changes in priority or scope. Then it’s on to the next priority and another cycle. Rinse; repeat.

Why This Works Better

The traditional “waterfall” approach to development most off-shore companies use is time-consuming and yields little results in the beginning stages. You could spend months or even years just laying groundwork and brainstorming without ever seeing a workable product.

The Mahisoft agile method works better because you are able to start receiving a workable product as early as the end of the first cycle. By strategically planning the development cycles, it’s easy to stop work at the end of one cycle and pick it up again further down the road. This process can go on for any length of time, changing and evolving as your needs do, but always delivering you something functional at the end of a cycle.

We embrace the individual needs of a business and are flexible to their ever-changing environments. We know your needs can change based on budget, situations, and new requirements, and so we customize your development process to work with that.

Ultimately, what sets us apart from the rest is that we are agile and flexible. Mahisoft adapts easily to your needs, and our development process is designed to accommodate you as those needs change, as they most always do.

Talk to the Mahisoft team about how our development process is the perfect fit for your needs. Contact us at
(855) 624-4763 or
info@mahisoft.com .

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