We speak the same language

Speaking English is not enough to guarantee a clear communication with your team. Only 7% of what we understand in a conversation comes from the words we say.

How we say it is as important as what we say.

We derive 55 percent of the meaning of a conversation through body language (gestures, posture and physical clues) and 38 percent from the tone and inflections.

That paralanguage does not effectively cross cultural barriers. Gestures that may mean one thing in Western cultures may mean something completely different in Far East or Middle Eastern cultures.

Latinamerica is not an homogeneous region, but our cultural similarities and close relations with the US help us to understand those differences and leverage on our similarities to ensure a smooth team communication.

We help you find the right talent in the region.

At Mahisoft, all our software engineers have good English proficiency, and we ensure they keep current in developing technologies and continuously improve their English skills.

We hire our software engineers across Latinamerica, so they are only a few time-zones away from you. We assess their technical skills as well as their communication skills to ensure smooth team communication.

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