Nearshore Staff Augmentation

We offer you the flexibility of scaling your software development workforce to meet your ever-changing development.

Why nearshoring?

Face your software development requirements with an agile workforce planning approach, sourcing from a top talented pool of software engineers in Latin America

  • Get access to the software engineer pool in Latinamerica

  • With significant cost savings vs. housing your team

  • With no time-zone or cultural differences

  • Pre-screened through our thorough and streamlined hiring process

  • Without long term contracts

Our Technology

We have helped companies enhance their built-in teams with experts in different areas that allow them to face specific technical challenges temporarily or for the long term.

Here are some of the software development technology we have helped our customers:

Our people

The quality of our craftsmen is our competitive advantage. We provide engineers with the capacity of solving complex and abstract problems, with knowledge as broad or as deep within a specific technology as your need requires.

That is why we have developed a thorough and lean talent acquisition system that measures the quality of the prospect candidates, not only on how well they master a specific technology, but also on how broad their abstract thinking and problem solving skills are, how well they perform under pressure and their teamwork capabilities, all necessary to deliver quality work you need.

"We hire only the 1% of our prospect candidates, and we do it fast."

Our process

Requirement definition
Together we identify the amount and kind of resources you need for the near future.
Candidate selection
Team screaning
Cycling review

Our customers

Our team is part of our customer success.

Channel Inc. was a SaaS to manage residential mortgage originator, including managing foreclosure and liquidation of delinquent residential properties.

We helped them to develop a highly customizable and scalable online auction platform.

Mahisoft provided technical support and product enhancements for over 10 years, until it was acquired by a large company in the auction space in 2018.

Akorda is the premium platform for enterprises that want to accelerate the contracting process while reducing commercial cycle time.

We helped Akorda to develop an AI-based platform that allows data driven contract negotiation, enabling legal departments to speedup contract reviews decreasing risks through a smart technology that identifies previous areas of risk.

We worked together as a team to integrate existing technologies, AI and a user friendly interface in an area so sensitive and complex as the language within the contracts.

Are you ready to get started?

Our talented team of world-class software engineers is ready to fulfill the technological needs of your business. We will guide your company’s evolution.