Our Identity

Our people, our achievements and our quest for excellence define us. Our dedication and commitment to build high-performance teams directed towards excellence is what makes us an agile and innovative company.

Our history

Mahisoft was founded in 2012 and currently holds its offices in Venezuela, Costa Rica and Spain. Our company mainly provides services to clients located in the United States and Latin America.

  1. Year 2012

    The Origin

    The company's founding partners agree to take on the first project, the design of a framework for real estate property marketing. A contract between Nedra Inc., which would eventually become Mahisoft, and Channel Inc. gets signed. Adbrite becomes the second customer. Total headcount: 5 software engineers.

  2. Year 2014


    With over 21 software engineers hired, the company rents a bigger office at La Pirámide, Caracas Venezuela.

  3. Year 2016

    Growing fast

    The company’s CEO decides to move Caracas's office to a house in Prados del Este, to establish a bigger, much more comfortable workspace. Mahisoft opens its offices in Costa Rica. Headcount: 40 software engineers.

  4. Year 2018

    Getting bigger

    The international business networks expands to harbor almost 100 hired software engineers.

  5. Year 2019


    Mahisoft has collaborators in Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, EEUU, Chile, Costa Rica and Venezuela.

Our philosophy

We apply Radical Truth and Radical Transparency to everything we do.

It is part of our DNA. We cultivate open discussions among our software craftsmen so they express their opinions in a respectful way, with the intention of reaching a correct solution.

At the same time, we work in a collaborative manner and we share information that could be relevant as solutions get developed.

Our beliefs

We push our people to build meaningful relationships to meet our goals. That's why, we believe in…




We believe in excellence. For us, there are only two ways of doing things: good and great.

Respect each other


Respect each other

We believe in respecting each other. We are tough with problems, not with people.

Responsible freedom


Responsible freedom

We believe in responsible freedom. We base our relationship in trust.




We believe in collaboration. For Mahisoft, giving, solidarity and empathy are fundamental qualities.




We believe in innovation. Our people are passionate about technology.

Customer satisfaction


Customer satisfaction

We believe in customer satisfaction. Our customers success is our main motivation.

Successful projects

Our team creates solutions that our clients' love.

  • Kamino proposes an architecture and process model to facilitate work in new projects.

    Meets priorities as standardization of the technical stack, assurance of the code quality process, possibility to deliver demos and faster initial code for services.

    The Akorda project provide a platform to analyze legal documents.

    The key functionality for the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) includes: User administration, uploading, analyzing and visualization of documents.

    A complete business workflow system for scheduling and managing remote workers.

    An application used specifically by 200+ Beauty Ambassadors, servicing over 2000 retail locations across the United States and Canada.

  • A project to provide loans to employees of organizations that Salary Lending has partnered with.

    Provide a lending solution that leverages the power of technology to offer a zero-cost employer-sponsored benefit to employees.

    Empower nonprofit fundraisers with cutting edge technology to connect donors with their work in the field.

    Provide real-time, segmented and targeted content to your supporters in a simple, fundraising environment.

    A complete financial planning solution.

    It is a financial tracking software that helps you to find out if your expectations for the future are correct and make financial decisions based on data-based projections, not emotions.

We master technologies

We apply the latest technologies to adapt to our clients' needs and guarantee the success of their projects.