IOS App Development Company

iOS app development is a key driving force behind online business marketing. It has become a vital tool for many represented niche markets and industries across the web. Many of those in the market for iOS app development face having to look for a professional iOS app developer who’s able to meet their requirements. And, […]

Top 10 Apps For Real Estate Agents and How They Work

If you’re a real estate agent or broker, there are some great mobile apps worth checking out which will enhance your professional communications and social media experience. Here are 10 very useful real estate apps to get excited about: Refresh A very popular app right now is Refresh, which works by connecting data from your […]

Some Mobile App Design Challenges and Sticking Points 

With so many mobile apps (whether Android or iPhone) being released in so short a time-period, mobile app designers need to create apps that truly stand out. There is the consideration of creating mobile app designs with excellent UI experience in mind. And, the tendency to both follow and avoid top mobile app design trends […]

Mobile Application Development Services

In the world of mobile app development, not all apps are created equal. Some have greater market penetration and popularity than others (naturally). The nature of mobile app development is changing minute by minute, with Internet of Things (IoT) development ramping up in a big way, garnering a huge surge in mobile app creation pertinent […]

The Importance of End to End Encryption

Do you ever get that “I don’t know about this…” feeling just before you attach a sensitive document to an email and hit the “send” button? You’re not alone. Thousands of people across the nation would rather hand-deliver their personal documents to their doctors, lawyers, and accountants than risk exposure of their private information in […]

Stop wasting time and money writing your mobile apps twice!  Here’s how!

Xamarin – Develop Native IOS and Android Apps from One Code Base ( Recently, Microsoft acquired a software development company called Xamarin. For those outside of the tech world, this acquisition went nearly unnoticed, but for those that are in the “know” this acquisition signaled a monumental change in app development. How big is this […]

Agile Software Development

Whether in a high-level athlete or a boardroom setting, the ability to pivot to meet the changing dynamic of the game or business situation has always been highly valued. In software development, it is no different. The software being developed today is created within the framework of one of two development methodologies. They are: A […]

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